Tuesday, August 8, 2017

September Is the Time to Rejuvenate Your Lawn

Core Aeration & Overseeding Services
Center Lot- $125.00
Corner Lot- $150.00

What are the benefits of aeration?
Core aeration helps the lawn’s health and vigor, and it reduces maintenance requirements. The following are other benefits of core aeration:

• Improved air exchange between the soil and atmosphere
• Enhanced soil water uptake
• Improved fertilizer uptake and use
• Reduced water runoff and puddling
• Improved turf grass rooting
• Reduced soil compaction
• Enhanced heat and drought stress tolerance
• Improved resiliency and cushioning
• Enhanced thatch breakdown

Broadcast overseeding of entire yard lawn areas will be completed, utilizing a fescue variety of grass seed.  Fescue grass varieties are drought tolerant, require less fertilizer, develop a deep root system and thus are eco friendly.

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