Monday, February 11, 2019

Sunrise Bay Snow Event Information Page

Here you will find updates on snow removal services and other important notifications from Meticulous Landscaping, Inc. This service is an example of our dedication to our clients and our mission..."Our Name is Our Promise!"
This page will be updated approximately every 2 hours, from 7am-10pm during a snow event. 

Date:   2/11/2019                                         Time: 3:30 pm

      Information Update:  

          Updated Street Status (Driveways Only)

      Street Status Key: 
      • Pending
      • In Process
      • Completed



      Coral Drive
      Reef Lane
      Marina Drive
      Seagull Drive
      Nautic Way
       Sunrise Bay Blvd
      Pelican Lane
      Sweetwater Drive
      Pier Point
      Windstar Drive